Scale-up founders,
I enable teams to identify, acquire, & retain high value customers so you can hit profitable growth.

I've spent 13+ years creating $175M+ of incremental revenue by building, scaling, and advising Growth Analytics teams within companies like Uber, Otrium, DIRECTV, and a few others.

Now, I help transform Growth Analytics teams from tactical to strategic partners for 100-300 person consumer marketplace and ecomm scaleups.

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Here are a few of the roles I've held as an FTE:

• Head of International Growth Marketing Analytics
• Head of US Performance Marketing Analytics
• Global Head of Brand Data Science
• Lifecycle Marketing Analytics Lead
• Director of Product Growth

Here are a few of the roles I've held for Clients:

• Interim Head of Performance Marketing
• Growth Marketing Analytics Consultant

Replicate these wins

These highlights showcase a few ways I've created impact:

+ Built team of 10 optimizing ROI of $1B+ in Marketing spend
+ $150M of incremental Revenue through geographic experiments

+ New customers in US up 40% YoY with flat CACs
+ Global ROAS up 28% YoY

+ MRR from $0 → $100K by launching A/B testing framework
+ Boosted trip bookings up 25% through behavioral analyses



CEO @ Otrium

"I recommend Sundar without reservation as a creative problem-solver who leverages data and testing to drive business results. His technical aptitude combined with his product intuition and bias towards action make him a strong addition to any fast-paced, metrics-driven organization."

Ter Weidje


"Sundar is an amazing advisor to have. Well-versed in everything related to growth and highly analytical, he can be of value to any organisation looking to grow their digital revenue. Recommended!"


VP of Strategy @ Fanduel

"Sundar is a full stack analytics partner — able to build strategy, data warehouses, query, analyze, and ultimately deliver actionable business insights that impact the bottom line."


Discovery. Optimization. Education.

These offerings allow you to personalize how I can transform your Analytics teams into a high impact strategic partner.

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Org Chart & Hiring Plan 

Ideal for:

Founders currently planning to build or scale an Analytics function.


I've built Growth Analytics teams from scratch 3 times. We'll leverage those lessons to create an org design and hiring plan that balances short and long term needs.  

Priorities, People, & Process Audit

Ideal for:

Founders working with an established Analytics team looking to increase ROI.


We'll analyze the current priorities, people, and processes resulting in a comprehensive report that identifies areas of improvement and suggestions on how to elevate the analytics team.


Project Work

Ideal for:

Founders that just need some good old fashioned consulting work.


I've seen a lot in 13+ years across startup, scale up, and enterprise so drop me in to address any problem you need fixed quickly but expertly.

Fractional Head of Growth Analytics

Ideal for:

Founders with a 2+ person Analytics team needing a leader without FTE budget.


I've been a Global Head of Growth Analytics at a hyper growth company and can bring that expertise as your partner in an interim / fractional capacity.


Mentorship for
Growth Analysts

Ideal for:

Founders wanting to find mentorship for junior analysts from a senior leader.


I've managed 15+ Growth analysts (remotely & globally) and know how to mold high performers.

We'll meet weekly to discuss priorities and ways to improve output.


Ideal for:

Founders looking to elevate their cross functional teams on Analytics topics


I build custom workshops for teams that can cover topics like:
- Creating a data driven culture
- How to write an Analytics brief
- How to deliver an effective presentation

About me:

I'm a growth and data nerd!

I've spent 13+ years building, scaling, and advising Growth Analytics teams for high growth companies (Uber, DIRECTV, Otrium), promising startups (Origin, We Are Eves, Kimo), and the US Department of the Treasury.

I've experienced the bumps and bruises of measuring and optimizing every step of the customer journey from brand building to acquisition to activation and retention.

My unique advantage is that I have deep knowledge across the entire customer funnel. Need to optimize your brand efforts? Need to improve your lifecycle marketing strategy? Need to improve your product experience? I've done it all.  

I always welcome new challenges and opportunities to learn.

Outside of work, I love living in Amsterdam with my wife and son. Amsterdam is my favorite city in the world, but we really need to fix that constant gloomy & rainy weather.

I'm also obsessed with cooking and traveling. Ask me about my dream to be a restauranteur if you have a few hours.

Let's chat about how I can help.